1. Less is more when it comes to decorations.

It’s important to keep décor simple and only accentuating the home’s best features to create an inviting setting.  Try displaying fall foliage or festive bouquets throughout the home.

2. Warm up the walls.

A fresh coat of paint will always help revive the home’s interiors.  It’s a great idea to keep the walls neutral yet warm and inviting.  For the autumn season, pops of color with accessories in oranges, deep reds and yellows add a festive touch.

3. Keep rooms well lit.

Open blinds and plenty of tasteful lamps through the home add additional illumination and highlights the home’s best features.

4. Make it cozy.

As the weather cools down, encourage home buyers to stick around during showings by providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Accentuate the sofas and chairs with plush throw pillows and cuddly throws.

5. Play up the seasonal scents.

Add to the welcoming atmosphere by burning seasonal scented candles throughout the home.  Or, even better, simmer hot apple cider on the stove and offer it to potential home buyers.

6. Accentuate gathering areas.

Especially fireplaces if the home has one.  A cozy fireplace is a fantastic feature to highlight during the crisps fall months.  Arrange the furniture to make a focal point and set the scene for home buyers to imagine gathering with their own friends and family for the holidays and cold seasons.

7. Add a touch of luxury.

Layering the bedding with sumptuous fabrics and adding dimension with throw pillows will enhance the bedroom’s comfort appeal.  You can also display plush towels in the bathroom or drape a silky table cloth over the dining room table to give the home a more luxurious feel.

8. Curb appeal, curb appeal, curb appeal.

No matter how beautiful and inviting a home’s interior, buyers won’t make it inside if the exterior isn’t welcoming as well.  Especially during the fall season when the weather is turning colder and home buyers will want to move in and stay indoors.  Sprucing up the lawn by raking up leaves and patching up brown spots in the grass will give home buyers the sense of a more turn-key purchase.  They’ll be able to imagine themselves hosting holiday parties and dinners instead of making a metal to-do list to rush through before the seasonal events begin.